Suitland Satellite Operational Control Center (SOCC)

The Suitland Satellite Operational Control Center (SOCC) is the primary satellite operations center for DMSP. It is charged with supporting launch, early orbit, and day_to day operations. The Integrated Polar Acquisition and Control Subsystem (IPACS) real-time system installed at SOCC provides the telemetry processing, spacecraft commanding, and ground system configuration and management functions for the DMSP spacecraft. The SOCC can communicate directly with the DMSP satellites through enhanced RTSs. It can also communicate with the DMSP satellite via Schriever (Falcon) AFB and any RTS for commanding and real_time status only.

The Environmental Satellite Operations Control Center (ESOC) at Schriever (Falcon) AFB is the backup control center for SOCC. Equipment installed at ESOC is identical to that installed at SOCC. The two control centers run synchronous to each other. In the event of a failure at SOCC, the mission can be continued from ESOC.